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Monday, September 19, 2011

Aquaman #4 Cover Preview!

DC just released the cover to Aquaman #4! Looks like The Trench is giving the King and Queen of the Seven Seas a tough time!

Aquaman #1 is now just nine days away!


Count Drunkula said...

Awesome cover! ANd I love the solicit about the Trench being cannibalistic creatures from the deepest parts of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. I always thought that the Marianas Trench in the Pacific Ocean would be a great locale for some deep, dark Aquaman-related secret adventure. I can't wait for this series!

However... We've seen four amazing covers for this series by the incomparable Ivan Reis (and team), but they're very similar covers. Black backgrounds, Trench creatures, Arthur and Mera looking great, but that's about it. I hope once this story arc concludes we can get a lot more dynamic and spectacular oceanic covers.

El Ka-Bong! said...

Not only am I excited about the new Aquaman series, but I did my dissertation on deep sea fishes along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Aquaman plus deep sea creatures is double awesome to me.

Dennis Doucette said...

So amazing! But I sure am excited for the trench storyline to be over to get some different covers.

Russell said...

I'm with Ryan and Dennis...this storyline looks like it's going on a loooooong time. It hasn't even started yet and I want the Trench to go away. Bring on the Bad Guys! :-)

Designer Daddy said...

I'm just excited to see him using his trident! It's been just an action figure accessory for so long! :)

Shellhead said...

"Writing for the trade" is the deathknell for concise storytelling in comics. I'm betting on two more Trench related covers.