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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Aqua-Family by Bill Walko

"Aquaman doesn't look a day over 29 as he celebrates his birthday in Atlantis with his beautiful wife Mera, their son Arthur Jr., friends Tula, Tempest, Aquagirl & Aqualad and of course Tusky the Walrus!"

Earlier in the week of course was our huge Aquaman 70th Birthday Celebration (click here if you missed it, and shame on you!), and among the coolest parts of it was this original illustration by Bill Walko, commissioned by Shrine Correspondent Joe Slab expressly for the post.

Bill's piece perfectly captured the sheer fun and wonder of the Aqua-Family, which was a huge part of the character's popularity in the 1960s, arguably the character's longest, most visible time in comics and the greater culture (until maybe now, of course!). Joe didn't tell me he had commissioned Bill to do this, so I was as charmed and surprised by this piece as I'm sure the rest of you were.

I liked the piece so much I thought it--and Bill--deserved a special spotlight this week, so we're reposting the piece, along with Bill's original pencil sketch:
This portrait has a real Hanna-Barbera vibe to it, and feels like it could have been presentation art for an Aquaman animated series, had H-B ever deemed to put one together (I'm sure Tusky would have talked). If only the members of the Aqua-Family could get together like this, all at one time and in one place!

You might recognize Bill's art from comic-related sites such as Project: Rooftop, ComicsAlliance.com, or CBR's Comics Should Be Good. Bill has also focused his talents toward his own comic: Imagine your office, bitten by a radioactive spider. That's The Hero Business, a comic chronicling the day-to-day adventures of an agency that caters exclusively to super-heroes (and their super-egos)--because with great power comes great marketability. You can find more of Bill's work on his DeviantArt page, as well! Thanks to Joe and Bill for making the Shrine's 70th Birthday Party even more special!

Speaking of Bill's Aqua-Riffic piece, the Shrine is making it available as a 4x6" postcard (seen at top), as a memento of Aquaman's 70th Birthday Celebration.
All you have to do to get the postcard is sign up as a subscriber to the Aquaman Shrine, for the low low rate of $1.00 a month! I think you'd agree, especially after the week we've had, that the Shrine is worth that, no?

To subscribe, simply click the Paypal button below or at the top of the sidebar and sign up for the $1/month subscription. Leave an address and the postcard will be sent you as a way to say "thanks" for supporting The Aquaman Shrine!

Anyone who is already an Aquaman Shrine subscriber and would like a postcard, just email me your address and you will be sent one! Thanks!

P.P.S. Earlier in the week, we got a new subscriber/F.O.A.M. member, Patrick Dodson. Thanks Patrick, and welcome to F.O.A.M.!


Wings1295 said...

I think it is an AWESOME piece of art and truly a great tribute to the Aqua-family on this occasion!

Designer Daddy said...

Just noticed the electric eel candles — cute! :)

Orin's dad said...

That is really cool. I like it a lot.

Ryan said...