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Monday, September 05, 2011

The All-New Super Friends Hour: Episode 9

It's time for another episode of The All-New Super Friends Hour!

First up is Aquaman and Superman starring in "Attack of the Giant Squid":
In the remote underwater lab of Dr. Pisces, strange experiments are taking place: namely, enlarging sea creatures to ten times their normal size!

Despite the protests of his assistant, the reckless Dr. Pisces injects a squid with the growth formula, and releases into the ocean! It then shoots its ink on other sea life, causing them to grow to monstrous proportions as well!

Superman and Aquaman investigate, just in time to see the giant squid attack a cruise ship! The squid is so out of control that neither hero can stop it, so they decide to find Dr. Pisces. They grab Pisces' device to help shrink the squid, in the meanwhile Pisces escapes.

Pisces zaps Superman with a Kryptonite ray (because, you know, he has one of them), and Aquaman rescues him and apprehends Pisces with the help of some finny friends:
(Pisces later opened a Red Lobster franchise after he got out of prison)

With Pisces captured and all the sea life returned to normal, the Super Friends and Pisces' assistant have a good laugh back at The Hall of Justice.

Next, Batman and Robin teach some kids about bike safety, and The Wonder Twins do whatever it is they do. Aquaman appears solo in the De-Coder segment:
Aquaman, or The Great Gazoo? You decide!

Next, all the Super Friends get involved with a mysterious bad guy and his horrible creation, "The Water Beast":
A giant creature, made entirely of water, attacks two cruise ships, and then disappears. We learn that the beast is the creation of that underwater menace, Manta!:
Yes, just Manta...not Black Manta. Just "Manta." No relation--this is a totally original H-B creation, like Black Vulcan.

Anyway, Manta has it out for Aquaman something fierce, and captures the Sea King when the Super Friends get involved. The Wonder Twins sneak onto Manta's ship to rescue him (oh, the humiliation), and they get captured too:

Manta drops all three Super Friends into a metal tube, and shoots it onto the ocean floor, where the vast pressure nearly crushes it. Luckily, two of Aquaman's finny friends help bring it to the surface.

Now all back at the Hall of Justice, the Super Friends devise a plan to stop the Water Beast from Manta's next target...New York City! The plan involves getting Jan to form into a second Water Beast, which fools Manta into showing up, where he is captured by Aquaman, thanks to a well-aimed giant clam, which Aquaman makes use of, Captain America-style.

Back at the Hall of Justice, Jan makes an ass of himself mistaking Gleek for the Water Beast, leaving the rest of the Super Friends to question his intelligence.

After a team-up with Superman and Samurai, and a Magic segment with Superman, Aquaman schools two twin girls (who he is giving swim lessons to) about hitch-hiking. As in, for the love of Neptune, don't do it:
...and so ends another fun episode of The All-New Super Friends Hour!

Another episode where Aquaman gets a lot to do, not to mention the debut of one of his arch-villains, sort of!

This episode's Aqua-Content: High


Joseph Brian Scott said...

This recap was even more fun than the episode.

rob! said...

Aw, thanks JBS!

Russell said...

I always wished Aquaman's green was a bit brighter on the Super Friends. Why so dark!?!

Dr. Pisces AND Manta!?! Cool. I'll have to watch this episode.