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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Adventure Comics #139 - April 1949

Comics Weekend "The Man Who Owned The Sea!" by Otto Binder and John Daly.

It's Adventure Sunday!

While Superboy belittles human accomplishment, Aquaman deals with someone who claims the whole seven seas as his own!
Drago continues insisting he owns the seas, taking a percentage from all the booty found beneath its surface. Aquaman steps in again, and Drago has his men open fire!

Aquaman has had just about enough, and commands his finny friends to create a whirlpool around Drago's ship, making everyone on board too dizzy to stand:
...and with that, so ends another adventure with Aquaman!

This story starts off so matter-of-factly that I wondered if someone had slipped acid into my Slurpee. An undersea court? A merman bailiff?? A talking walrus???

Of course, this all makes sense when you're the King of the Seven Seas!


Anonymous said...

Viva Adventure Sunday!

Perhaps a history scholar out there could help me. Why can't you go against the imperial ruling of a Roman king?

Otto Binder was an interesting example of a skilled journeyman writer in the 40's. On one hand, he was a serious science fiction novelist who wrote the Adam Link series. And on the other hand, he spent years building up the whimsical universe of Captain Marvel. I'm enjoying seeing both sides in his Aquaman tales. But, I may have to draw the line at any talking tigers that breath underwater.

James Chatterton

wich2 said...

These S.boy covers are all so great - and feature a characteristic of both the young and old Guy of Steel that's often been missing lately:

Him taking sheer JOY in his powers!

That was woefully lacking in the mopey, emo Supes in the last film; and I it think shows why folks who crave a more "edgy, BAD-ass!" Man of Tomorrow are totally offbase.


Russell said...

I just think it's cool that Aquaman speaks/reads Latin. :-)

Anthony said...

Yes, I thought this was weird how we suddenly (after the stories up to this point apparently insisting on a "realistic" set of ocean creatures) now suddenly show a merman. Where'd he come from?! What's his backstory?! And why does he look a bit like some hippie-ish second cousin of Namor?! :-)

Also, is this the first time in an Aquaman story they've shown speech balloons for the sea creatures?

Re: Superboy: Yes, the Boy of Steel enjoyed his powers ("belittling human achievement" and running flying tour services aside!) on these Golden Age covers. The plot of this month's story: Clark Kent takes a job as a telegram delivery boy to trap a gang leader as Superboy. (Yep, this one's a product of its time, all right... guess today/"perpetually-15-years-ago," Clark would be instead installing dialup internet service or something... though Western Union still offered telegram service even in the mid-90s...).

Joseph Brian Scott said...

What fun fantasy! And yes, very reminiscent of the stories Binder wrote for the Marvel Family. Educational, too; I had no idea parchment is water resistant. That explains those pics you see occasionally of Aquaman reading a book underwater. That used to drive me crazy.