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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wired Magazine - Sept. 2011

The newest issue of Wired features an interview with Jim Lee about DC's New 52 (which debuts in comic shops tonight!), accompanied by some illustrations of the new looks for Superman, Flash, and Aquaman!

And look who Wired chose to put on the table of contents to represent the piece:

Here's the page itself, click on the graphic to see a readable version:
I had heard about this article, but hadn't had the chance to find a copy of the magazine. But now the Shrine doesn't have to, thanks to F.O.A.M.er Craig McGinnes, who sent in all three pages! Thanks Craig!


IADW said...

'Dear Jim Lee,

Please draw Aquaman for life.


Dan Didio'

Sure it might not be on DC corporate staionary, and from a completely different Dan, but whose sweating the details?! Every shot is worth been made into a poster - these included.

Wings1295 said...

AWESOME!!! Love it! Thanks for sharing, Craig!