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Friday, August 05, 2011

The Super Heroes Annual - 1983

Here's another foreign edition of a DC comic (sort of), again with a really cool cover: The Super Heroes Annual, from 1983.

The Super Heroes was a British black-and-white, magazine-sized comic that reprinted DC stories from various eras, topped off with realistic painted covers, kind of a prelude to the work of Alex Ross.

The Big Three were usually the ones depicted (and represented on the inside), but occasionally they'd throw a bone (or British equivalent) to characters like Hawkman, The Flash, or The Huntress. I remember seeing the covers in Heroes World catalogs and drooling over how damn cool they looked: I had never seen my heroes depicted this way!

The only time* Aquaman got a toss was with their 1983 annual, where you can see him hidden behind Wonder Woman alongside Adam Strange, Green Lantern, and Hawkman. Look how angry they all look--I think Kanjar Ro's smile is about to get removed, with extreme prejudice!

For Further Reading: I talked about The Super Heroes every so often on my All In Black & White For 75 Cents blog, where you can see a bunch of other covers!

*Aquaman may be on this cover too, but it's hard to tell!


Jakethy said...

Any idea who the soon-to-be-in-traction bad guy is? Is that a legit DC character, or a a British knock-off?

Aaron said...

I hope Green Arrow doesn't shoot The Flash in the head!