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Saturday, August 06, 2011

Flashpoint #4 - Oct. 2011

Comics Weekend "Flashpoint" by Geoff Johns, Andy Kubert, and Jesse Delperdang.

This issue of Flashpoint opens with the Batson Family watching TV, as the President talks to the nation about the massive conflict between Atlantis and the Amazons, which is currently laying waste to much of the world.

Cut to Batman, Flash, and Cyborg fighting their way through a small army of government troops, who got the drop on them during their "rescue" attempt of the young boy Flash believes is Superman.

The heroes seem to be holding their own, but just, and then someone else enters the fray:
Later, Batman and the rest make their way to Fawcett City to draft the erstwhile Marvel Family into the fight. Flash and Batman argue over their approach--Flash wants to save the world, while Batman is more cynical, preferring to either take this opportunity to remake the world, or "Let it burn in Hell."

After inspiring Batman to change his mind (you can tell this isn't the "real" Batman!), they all take off for New Themyscira, where the battle between the Atlanteans and Amazons is raging:
Captain Thunder (not Captain Marvel in this world) goes after Wonder Woman personally, while Flash tries to talk to Aquaman, who doesn't recognize the Scarlet Speedster.

The Enchantress zaps the Captain, turning him back into Billy Batson. While defenseless, Wonder Woman pulls out her sword and runs him through! A lightning bolt hits, and when Flash looks up, things get even worse:
...to be concluded!

Aquaman doesn't get much to do here, but now we know that that's the norm for Flashpoint the book; he's a lot more front and center in Emperor Aquaman and Wonder Woman and the Furies.

I think in the end Arthur should be grateful he didn't end up with Diana; she's really nasty when she gets angry!


Wings1295 said...

Good issue, I guess. Would have liked more Aquaman, but as you said, this isn't his place to shine. Be an interesting end to all this, I hope!

Joe Slab said...

In typical Johns' style there is so much build-up within the 1st four issues that I can't believe it will all be adequately resolved in #5...but the fanboy in me is counting the days until August 31st and will probably camp out at my LCS to be there for the midnight release :)!!!

ari said...

I don't like WW but that look in her eye when the trident is all up in her grill made me a bit sad.

I do love his red and black