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Monday, August 29, 2011

The ArrowCave is Now Open!

sgHey Green Arrow Fans!

Blogger and F.O.A.M. member Aaron Bias has just started a new blog called The Arrow Cave, all about DC's Emerald Archer!

Aquaman and Green Arrow, of course, are forever intertwined: they were both created by Mort "I never met anyone I liked" Weisinger, and debuted in the same comic, More Fun Comics #73! In addition, they (along with the Big Three) were the only heroes of DC's Golden Age stable to survive the superhero drought of the 1950s, having been continuously published for seven decades, a record unmatched in almost all of comic-dom.

The Shrine is always happy to see another member of the DCU get the dedicated blog treatment, so head on over there and enjoy Green Arrow's rigid self-righteousness!

Good luck with the blog Aaron!

1 comment:

Wings1295 said...

Definite good luck to Aaron!