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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Aquaman via iPad

Wow! This awesome piece of original Aquaman art was done by artist Stephen Lane on his iPad. We liked it some much we asked him to tell us about his connection with the character as well as his artistic process, and he had this to say:

"Aquaman was my favorite as a kid. It took me about 2.5-3 hours. I did it on the flight from Nashville going to visit my parents. I chose Aquaman because every since I was a child I have loved the ocean and super-heroes. When I was a kid I use to pretend I could fly when I was underwater. I always wanted to talk to the sea life. The reason I love drawing on the iPad is the smoothness of the stylus on the screen and the easy of changing the angle of the picture while drawing. It is almost like drawing on a sketch pad but with having the ability to use the layer function."

Thanks for sharing Stephen! Really cool work, we bet even Jim Lee would be impressed! Wait--it gets better...a bonus sketch: Tempest!
To see more of Stephen's work visit his deviantArt page: http://irishluffy.deviantart.com/


Tempest127 said...

Did you happen to ask what program he was using for the iPad? The effects are great, to be sure. Thanks for sharing!

Wings1295 said...

Pretty awesome, I think. I would have stick figures with round heads!

Jared M. said...

Great Neptune! This is amazing!

Hey Rob! have you considered maybe collaborating with Stephen here to make a sort of unnoficial Aquaman comic strip exclusively for the Shrine? Yknow like the Garfield ones on the sunday paper? If Stephen took only 2 hours to make this awesome Aquaman ilustration I'm sure he can get a strip done in minutes! Plus hes an Aquaman fan too, so I'm sure he'd be willing to do it! It could be posted like the Random panel, each friday or something. I'm sure A lot of ppl would come here just for the strip! =)

rob! said...

Being an artist myself, I'm loathe to ever ask an artist to do work for free. That said, I've had that idea for a long time and its worth considering again, esp. since this stuff is so nice looking!

Jared said...

I see. :)

irish_luffy said...

The Program I used on the iPad is Sketchbook Pro. I just diid another picture for this site specificly.

Joe Slab said...


Sketchbook Pro!