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Sunday, August 07, 2011

Adventure Comics #134 - Nov. 1948

Comics Weekend "Exiled From The Sea!" by Otto Binder and John Daly.

It's Adventure Sunday!

As Superboy figures in the strangely violent, vaguely homoerotic dreams of young men, Aquaman faces off against his most persistent yet hapless foe: Black Jack!:
Of course, this news is welcome to that loathsome scallywag Black Jack, who assumes he now has thirty days to plunder the seas!

Via a montage, we see Black Jack do just that, but of course Aquaman is not going to let this stand! Thanks to a helpful pilot, Aquaman is carried through the air, and dropped onto Black Jack's ship!

Aquaman seems almost gleeful to be busting heads again ("Seems like old times!"), but he's not laughing when Black Jack knocks him into the water--which of course is normally a good thing, but in this case means death!
...and so ends another adventure with Aquaman!

Like a bad case of Herpes, Black Jack never goes away. Once again, his plan is so hastily thrown together that he really barely qualifies as a supervillain (maybe, like supermodel, that's a recent term, and Black Jack never thought of himself that way). His whole big move is to keep Aquaman at bay with a pole.

I love the last panel, with Aquaman and his finny friends reunited. If DC would let me, I'd make that a t-shirt.

This issue's Aquaman story was only six pages; I demand a refund, DC Comics of 1948!


Anonymous said...

Viva Adventure Sundays!

This epic was simply Outrage...er, Inflammable!

Always a pleasure to see ol' Blackjack again. How many times has he been sent to prison now? High double digits?

And say what you want about Black Jack's munitions dealer, but that was some pole.

James Chatterton

Anthony said...

Wonder what happened to Black Jack after the Golden Age... maybe Aquaman sent him to prison for good (and he stayed there), or he got tired of being Aquaman's punching bag and retired from crime. Though given it's DC, "Black Jack travels to Earth-1 to try fighting *its* Aquaman/trains an Earth-1 counterpart in the art of his brand of piracy" is probably just as likely... ;-)

Speaking of punching...

Re: Superboy: Yeah, guess an odd cover (dreaming about a 15-year-old punching out grown men?). Anyway, the plot: a teenage boxer (the one shown on the cover supposedly) is pressured to take a dive by gangsters, but Superboy has the fight go on as scheduled (using his powers to keep everything fair).

Joseph Brian Scott said...

Did the Doc run his mouth off to the press about Aquaman's condition, or was that part of the plan to trap Black Jack? If the former, I hope he was reported to the AMA. Really like the 3rd panel on page 3, Aquaman swimming away from the whales; cool perspective and colors.