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Friday, July 29, 2011

"We Hear You"

From DCComics.com today, emphasis the Shrine's:

Over the past week we’ve heard from fans about a need for more women writers, artists and characters. We want you to know, first and foremost, that we hear you and take your concerns very seriously.

We’ve been very fortunate in recent years to have fan favorite creators like Gail Simone, Amy Reeder, Felicia Henderson, Fiona Staples, Amanda Connor, G. Willow Wilson and Nicola Scott write and draw the adventures of the World’s Greatest Super Heroes.

DC Comics is the home of a pantheon of remarkable, iconic women characters like Wonder Woman, Lois Lane, Batgirl, Batwoman, Catwoman and Supergirl as well as fan favorite characters like Black Canary, Katana, Mera and Starfire. We’re committed to telling diverse stories with a diverse point of view. We want these adventures to resonate in the real world, reflecting the experiences of our diverse readership. Can we improve on that? We always can—and aim to.

We’ll have exciting news about new projects with women creators in the coming months and will be making those announcements closer to publication. Many of the above creators will be working on new projects, as we continue to tell the ongoing adventures of our characters. We know there are dozens of other women creators and we welcome the opportunity to work with them.

Our recent announcements have generated much attention and discussion and we welcome that dialogue.


Jim Lee & Dan DiDio
DC Entertainment Co-Publishers


Wings1295 said...

I am glad they acknowledged what is being said, but I don't think anything deliberately anti-female was being done in the first place.

Joe Slab said...

Agreed Joe!

Speaking personally, I feel the issue is a fabricated one by a vocal minority that I am surprised DC felt the need to recognize & address.

Does anyone buy their comics based on the creative team's gender?

Also, while I love that Mera was included on this list, Katana??? Fan-favorite? Maybe Zatanna...Shows how rushed this little memo probably was.

Aaron said...

Ahem. Ramona Fradon, Anyone?