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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

To Aquaman From Lil Bulldog

This is a photo of Felice Herrig, an MMA fighter aka "Lil Bulldog." She is addressing F.O.A.M. member Juan Lanza, whose Twitter handle is Aquaman325 and is known on Facebook as Juan "Aquaman" Lanza.

Juan made friends with Ms. Herrig, and she was kind enough to tweet this pic to him, a photo autographed "2 Aquaman", just before she mailed this to Juan! Check out those pecs on Ms. Herrig---maybe the Sea King should consider asking her to join the new JLA sometime soon.

Cool stuff, thanks Juan!

1 comment:

Aquaman325 said...

go over to www.facebook.com/feliceher​rig and show the aqua love!!(leave a comment so she knows your from The Shrine) You can also see her in the new xbox ps3 game supremacy mma (first to have women mma fighters).