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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

German DC Comics Ad - 1976

A few weeks ago, a fan of my TreasuryComics.com site named Stefan sent me a whole bunch of cool German-language ads for various DC treasury editions, for a page devoted to all such foreign ads. This one, featuring a very angry-looking Superman, really caught my eye, since its got Aquaman on there, too!

The book in question is the German version of Adventure Comics #444, though its most likely not the exact same comic, since most foreign editions consist of different features than their American counterparts. This ad actually managed to squeak Aquaman on there twice--you can see him just popping into the frame on the cover to Wonder Woman #215.

Ist gut!

1 comment:

Tempest127 said...

Ahhhhh: Das Uberman und WasserMann--sehr gut! And shouldn't that be "Wunder Madchen" rather than "Wunder Girl?" Very cool---thanks, Rob!