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Saturday, July 09, 2011

Flashpoint #3 - Sept. 2011

Comics Weekend "Flashpoint" by Geoff Johns, Andy Kubert, and Sandra Hope.

This issue of Flashpoint opens Barry Allen, now in Batman's care, suffering the effects of being purposely hit by lightning:
Despite the immense pain, Barry is indefatigable: he wants try again, sure that its the only way back to the world he knew, the one we know.

Shortly, Batman acquiesces, and Barry is once again hit by lightning. This time, though, we see tiny wisps of energy emanating from his eyes; something's happened. Seconds later, Barry--using super-speed--saves Batman from being hit by another strike!

After an interlude with Lois Lane, we're back in the BatCave, and Barry has donned the familiar costume of The Flash. Using Batman's computer (which only has dial-up internet; truly, this is a nightmare world!), he discovers that all of his JLA pals have been, in his words, "targeted", meaning this is no random accident of the universe; rather, its an orchestrated attempt by someone to get rid of The Flash and his superhero pals.

Later, Batman and Flash meet up with Cyborg, where we have one of this issue's mentions of Aquaman:
The three heroes team-up to look into an event that the government calls Project: Superman. It involves sneaking into a government facility and breaking out whoever landed in Metropolis years ago.

The who in this case is a pale, skinny, scared young boy who we recognize as Superman. Batman, Flash, and Cyborg bust him out, only to have him fly off into the sky, leaving the three heroes at the mercy of armed government troops! To be continued!

While I am still generally lukewarm to the whole multi-book crossover "event" thing, I have to say I'm enjoying Flashpoint quite a bit. Maybe that's because A)Aquaman is such a big part of it, and B)I kinda know where its all ultimately going, which is Classic Aquaman.

But I think its more than that--this is a fun premise, not all that far removed from the kind of stuff Gardner Fox used to do, or those "Imaginary Stories" from the 60s Superman books, where all the characters you knew were flip-flopped into crazy situations.

I'm still not buying the approximately three hundred and fifteen Flashpoint tie-in books, which means I'm not getting the full picture; but that's okay, the stuff I am reading is fun enough!


John said...

Rob, are you sure you read this issue? I found 3 mentions of our man (page 1, first page of the Lois Lane sub-plot, and the page you show).

rob! said...


I saw the one on page 1, somehow missed the Lois Lane page. Not sure why I typed what I did, since I didn't mean what I wrote. Corrected.

kevin said...

the alternate cover for this issue is of Aquaman or Emperor Aquaman :P by Ivan Reis and George Perez