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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Emperor Aquaman #2 - Sept. 2011

Comics Weekend "Part Two" by Tony Bedard, Vicente Cifuentes, and Diana Egea.

Issue two of Emperor Aquaman opens with the Sea King and his inner circle surveying New Themyscira:
At this point we flashback to Aquaman's origin. At first, it seems like the classic origin we all know--how lighthouse keeper Tom Curry discovered a beautiful, mysterious woman adrift at sea. Shortly, they fell in love.

But this is where the familiar story takes a darker turn, as do most things in this new world: while Atlanna was still with child, a small band of Atlanteans showed up to reclaim her. They nearly kill Tom Curry and kidnap his wife, bringing her back to the sea.

In Atlantis, Atlanna's cruel father imprisons her, and she dies giving birth, cursing her father's name. Seeing the boy as a mongrel, he dumps the baby on Mercy Reef, where it is rescued by some dolphins, who bring it back to the spot where it was conceived: the lighthouse. Tom Curry finds the boy and takes him in.

Back in the present, Ocean Master and Siren go on their mission on New Themyscira: to assassinate Tara Markov, aka Terra. Siren is about to do the deed when the Amazon Penthesila gets the drop on them, running Siren through with her spear! All bad news for the Sea King:
We flashback again to Arthur's boyhood years, which were profoundly unhappy. All he wanted was to return to the sea, eager to claim his kingdom. On his thirteenth birthday, he gets his wish, sort of: another band of Atlanteans emerge, killing Tom Curry and taking Arthur.

Once beneath the sea, this Aquaman became a heart-hearted, compassionless warrior:
Back in the present, Aquaman refuses to leave the area, demanding to try and find out what happened to Orm and Siren. He spies some of the Amazons' guard--Huntress, Cheetah, and Hawkwoman--hovering outside his warship, but has to deal with someone much more formidable face-to-face:
...to be continued!

I liked writer Tony Bedard's nastier take on Aquaman's origin in this issue. It reminds me of those Elseworlds Superman comics which showed how screwed up the Man of Steel would have been without the humanizing influence of Ma and Pa Kent.

Be back later today for another Flashpoint installment!


Orin's dad said...

I thought it was a good issue. Like you, this reminds me of thoe Elseworlds stories, and I generally liked them as well. Sometimes a different take on the heroes we're all used to is kind of fun.

Joe Slab said...

This issue left me feeling conflicted.

On the good side, I like that Bedard merged different aspects of Arthur's classic and modern origin, bringing Mercy Reef and even (athough not explicitly stated) his time with Porm and the dolphins into the updated story.

However the rest of the origin requires a huge "suspension of imagination" in order to accept. Tom is thrown from a lighthouse onto the rocks below and lives? Arthur spends 13 years with Tom and has none of his father's virtues or even an emotional attachment to him? C'mon Tony, those are the most impressionable years of a boys life!

Wings1295 said...

Not reading the post til I get my hands on the issue first. Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

This sounds pretty good, all things considered. Here's hoping Aquaman kicks Wonder Woman's backside!