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Thursday, July 21, 2011

DC Direct Justice League Line Reveal

Comic Con International 2011 is in full swing in San Diego and the new line of DC Direct Justice League action figures was candidly revealed by a DC Direct panel member who took this shot of the Leaguers with their backs turned on the audience!
pictures via @DC_Nation

We're sure to see more of these action figures during the 'Con but we just couldn't wait to show how great the Jim Lee inspired Sea King looks alongside of his fellow Justice League members. What do you think? Does this latest
Aquaman figure rank with some of his past classics?


c´żśnical said...

I'm so gonna own that Arthur and Hal. Oh yes, they will be mine.

Russell said...

Yay! I like this! He looks young and fresh and full of spirit. I am excited....until I see the actual result, probably, haha!

Is it just me, or does DC insist on not creating that 7th member's toy or doll or what-have-you. It used to be Jonn's problem and now it's Cyborg's!!!

Brent said...

I want to go to that!

Laurie S. Sutton said...

It's appropriate that Aquaman is protecting the panel's pitcher of water!

JLAsuperdude said...

Hey just wanted to show a better picture of him!