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Saturday, June 04, 2011

The World of Flashpoint #1 - Aug. 2011

Comics Weekend "This is The World We Live In" by Rex Ogle, Eduardo Francisco, Paulo Siqueira, and more.

This spin-off Flashpoint series focuses on a young girl named Traci who is in Paris when (presumably) Aquaman's giant ocean wave comes thundering in, leveling the world-famous city.

The book flashes forward to show us that Traci has magical powers, and at one point she goes to visit Madame Xanadu, a shadow of her former self. Its through Xanadu's crystal ball we get a glimpse of what came before in this unfamiliar world, at least when it comes to Wonder Woman and Aquaman:

This little scene is so small, I missed it the first one or two times I leafed through the book. So here's a close-up:
The rest of the book deals with Traci, her father, and a team of superpowered people formed into some sort of team. Like all the Flashpoint books, the story is To be continued!

I bought World of Flashpoint #1 sight unseen because the original promo image for this book featured Aquaman and Wonder Woman squaring off, but there's none of that here. Since, like Brightest Day, its obvious that the covers of these series are not meant to literally represent what's inside, I think I'm going to scan through the subsequent two issues of WOF before picking them up.


Joe Huber said...

I enjoyed this series, particularly since Traci 13 is the main protagonist. It was great to see Dr. Thirteen in action as well, and I love the dynamic between the two since his role was always that of the debunker of the supernatural and his daughter has mystical powers.

I especially enjoyed the cameo by Madame Xanadu and the references to her Vertigo series. After Flashpoint I would love to see an ongoing featuring all of the mystical heroes of the DC Universe. Maybe that will happen since Swamp Thing as now made a comeback.

Wings1295 said...

Interesting little part of the book! Thanks for sharing, Rob!

Anonymous said...

I really liked this issue and did not know anything about Traci 13 before I picked it up. The word is that in world of Flashpoint at sometime in the pasted Aquaman and WW where an item. Something happend and now they have a kill on sight policy to wards each other. I can't wait for the Flashpoint Aquaman mini to start.

Joe Slab said...

My guess is that a battle between the Queen of Atlantis, Mera and the Queen of the Amazons, Hippolyta, resulted in the latter's death. Thus Diana, extracts revenge upon Mera by killing her and now Diana and Arthur are mortal enemies...