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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Super Friends #23 - Aug. 1979

Comics Weekend "SOS From Nowhere!" by E. Nelson Bridwell, Ramona Fradon, and Bob Smith.

With "Flashpoint" kicking into high gear very soon, I thought it would be a nice change of pace to cover a bunch of one-shots, guest appearances, and team-ups for the next couple of Comics Weekends.

To that end, it's been a little while since the Shrine looked at an issue of Super Friends, so let's see what happens this time:
Let's flashback to how the Super Friends found themselves in this predicament: The Wonder Twins, in their human identities of John and Joanna Fleming, are having lunch with some friends.

Janya's Super Friends bracelet goes off, indicating trouble. They make a Peter Parker-esque excuse as to why they have to leave so abruptly, and change into a crow and a bar of ice in a back alley.

They get a message from Superman, telling them to go to the Gotham Plaza Hotel. But when they get there, they can't find the Super Friends, nor do they see any signs of trouble!

But...we also see the Super Friends, in the very same hotel, wondering where the Wonder Twins are! What's going on here?
The Super Friends check the hotel registry, and find out that all the guests who have been robbed have kept their valuables in their suites, not the hotel safe. To prove that, the desk clerk (who strangely doesn't seem to know who the Super Friends are) opens the safe, showing all the riches inside.

But just at that moment, The Flash appears, attempting to vibrate into the safe! Wonder Woman stops him with her magic lasso, and Superman uses his x-ray vision to see that this is not the real Flash.

Meanwhile, the Wonder Twins are talking to the real(?) Flash via the Troubalert, and they report that the Super Friends have disappeared, right after being seen at the hotel. When they mention that another message was left for them telling to investigate the Gotham House of Mirrors, The Flash realizes who's the likely culprit behind the mystery: his old foe, The Mirror Master!

The Super Friends examine their prisoner, and see his fingerprints are backwards--in fact, a number of things in this world are (say it with me) mirror images of the world they know. They're in another dimension!

Superman uses super-speed to find the energy trails The Flash leaves behind, and:
The Super Friends go back to the Hall of Justice, where The Flash (who is on monitor duty on the JLA Satellite), clues them in to where the Wonder Twins went.

Meanwhile, the Wonder Twins find themselves in the hall of mirrors, surrounded by half a dozen Mirror Masters, who want to try and find a way to steal their powers! But...
...The End!

Other than punching one Mirror Master right in the kisser (see top of page sixteen), Aquaman doesn't get much to do in this issue--but then, almost none of the Super Friends get much to do, since this story is so focused on the Wonder Twins.

But what the heck--any issue of Super Friends drawn by the incomparable team of Fradon and Smith is always worth a look!


Russell said...

I love me some Super Friends! During the late 70s, this was the only title you could *count on* for some monthly Aqua-action!

aquaman said...

loved the Superfriends comics. Aquaman was always there and even had several covers!Check one here:

Wings1295 said...

Looks like a ton of fun! I wish I had been aware of this comic when I was a wee lad. LOVED the Super Friends and this would have been so awesome to have!