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Monday, June 06, 2011

French Superman Target Game

This is a super-cool Superman-brand "Target Game" made in France in the 1970s!

As you can see, there are some headshots of some of Superman's pals, including Aquaman! In this case, its Neal Adams' drawing of the Sea King which showed up on a lot of DC books at the time, usually on Justice League of America (also pictured: Wonder Woman, Batman, Robin, and Batgirl).

I've never seen this baby before, until F.O.A.M.er Delmar Obsborne sent the Shrine a link to an eBay auction for it. The seller was asking $99.99, which was way too rich for my blood. Now, if it had been an Aquaman Target Game...

Thanks Delmar!


Earth 2 Chris said...

I never have understood dart games where the target is the hero. Why not Luthor, Brainiac, etc as targets instead of Supes and his friends?

That beings said, I love the graphics!!!


rob! said...

Never thought of it like that Chris, but you're right! Who wouldn't want to shoot a bee-bee at the Legion of Doom?