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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Cover to Cover: World's Finest #184

DC did a lot of these "Superman and/or Batman is Dead" stories in the 60s, and they almost always featured at least one scene of their fellow JLAers as mourners and/or pallbearers.

Aquaman does appear in this story, but its just as background character; hence this installment of Cover to Cover!


Earth 2 Chris said...

I finally got to read this story in the "Strange Deaths of Batman" TPB. Robin dons a pretty cool grown-up outfit in this one. Much better than his Earth 2 counterpart at that time!

But yeah, the JLA gets just a walk-on.


r duncan said...

Wow. This was the very first comic book I ever bought. I clearly remember seeing several 12 cent comics on the shelf and some 15 cent ones and thinking I would just buy the 12 cent ones. (Not realizing comics were in the middle of a price increase.)

That was back in the day when you could pick up four pop bottles along the street and turn them in at the store for 3 cents each and have enough to buy a comic book.

John Sholtz said...

I have this issue myself and is one of my favrite stories. Reminds me of the Challenge of the Super Frends episode Super Friends: Rest in Peace.