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Friday, June 10, 2011

Aquaman on the Web: "The Most Interesting Man Underwater"

An interesting (if brief) discussion about what the new Geoff Johns' Aquaman series might be like over on the blog Worlds Lines and Pictures. Some spot-on stuff over there, go check it out!


Count Drunkula said...

Like the seas, Aquaman should be calm, tranquil and serene at times; violent, stormy and dangerous at others. I don't want him to be the angry vengeful ruler of the deep, but he has plenty of reason to be pissed sometimes and he should look/act like it.

Wings1295 said...

Interesting thoughts. I just want a middle-of-the-road Aquaman, I guess. Not overly happy all the time, but not some angry, pissed off jerk, either.

David J. Cutler said...

Angry Aquaman is sactamonious Aquaman, to me, I find the lecturing, grimacing-at-his-friends Aquaman hard to take. I see him as a serious character, kind, but not passive--so that when he does get angry it feels deserved and not "here we go again". One thing Johns got spot on in Brightest Day, I never got the impression Aquaman felt his duties to the sea and surface world were a burden, which I often have in past modern takes. There was a sense of pride and adventure in his stories that I really loved, with just the right amount of angst and uncertainty under the surface.

More than anything, when he interacts with the JLA I want it to seem like he actually likes his friends. A close league friendship like the one Barry and Hal have would go a long way.