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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Aquaman on Jeopardy!

...well, not as a contestant, of course. No, these are three separate examples of when Aquaman was an answer on the show.

I don't remember when the first one aired, but the second was on 11/10/09, where the contestant got it right. The third was on 5/19/10, where the subject was "Clues to Secret Identities." Again, the contestant got it right. Aquaman, Pop Culture Staple!

All three images are courtesy F.O.A.M.er emeritus Laura Gjovaag and her Shrine-inspiring Aquaman Website!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Great stuff. They need to update the second one to include undead sea creatures!

Russell said...

So is the answer to the first one "What is the Justice League?" or "What is The Super Friends?" or...what?

Shawn said...

The answer to the first one is 'Who is Aquaman?" but I think that the 'series' that they are talking about is the collection of stamps that feature super heros that came out a few years ago.


JD said...

You might know, Jeopardy has the comic book categories on the nights I'm not bored enough to actually watch.

It's still nice to see Aquaman proliferate pop culture, if his new solo series turns out well it could potentially become his biggest selling volume ever, there's just so much public awareness of him now.

Andy Luckett said...

I especially like the Curry question, and the fact that the contestant got it. Not sure the Jeopardy robot/computer (I've forgotten it's name) would've gotten that one.