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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Aqua-Crossword #5

2. classic Green Arrow artist whose first professional work was on Aquaman
3. artist Pat on Aquaman during "Sub-Diego" arc
5. classic DCU artist drew Aquaman-Deadman team-up
6. cover artist on Aquaman during "Sub-Diego;" also did The Nail
11. ultimate Aquaman artist; also known for Brave and Bold and Phantom Stranger
14. artist of Sword of Atlantis
15. artist on Aquaman Volume 4
16. drew the blue uniform during Neal Pozner miniseries
17. classic DCU artist on Crisis and JLA

1. also known for Batman and Infinity, Inc.; died too soon
2. Peter David's first long-term artist Marty
3. Aquaman's original artist (and co-creator?)
4. ultimate Aquaman artist; also known for Metamorpho and Super Friends
7. ultimate Aquaman artist; also known for Teen Titans and Bat Lash
8. artist during Dan Jurgen's Aquaman
9. classic JLA artist during the 70s
10. scheduled to be the newest Aquaman artist!!!
12. original JLA artist during the 60s
13. Aquaman's editor then artist then publisher Good Afternoon!!

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