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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

2011 Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con

The Shrine was fortunate enough to receive a Press Badge for this year's Philadelphia Wizard World Comic Con, and while events outside the con kept me from spending much time there, I still had the time to take in some of the sights.

I was there on Friday and Saturday, and took pics of some cool cosplayers:
You gotta love the commitment of this Star Wars fan...anyone can dress up as Boba Fett, but Boba Fett from the Star Wars Holiday Special?

I saw Richard Roundtree--Shaft himself--on Friday, and he didn't have too many people around him, which bothered me greatly. This was Shaft, for Pete's Sake--he should have big-chested cosplay hotties hanging off him at all times! I was relieved to see he was a lot busier on Saturday.

There were a couple of Aqua-artists and writers there, like Jim Calafiore, Mike Grell, Phil Jimenez, and Tony Bedard. In fact, I got to go up to Tony, introduce myself, and give him one of the Aquaman Shrine's business cards, and we talked Sea King for a few minutes, which was great. We made tentative plans to do an interview at some point down the line.

One of the things I (and my pal Dan Eaker, who was with me on Saturday) noticed was how much Ghostbusters stuff was on display: not just toys and assorted merchandise, but fan art, people wearing Ghostbusters t-shirts, and a lot of cosplayers bearing homemade proto-packs! Kind of astonishing, really, when you consider the last Ghostbusters movie was over twenty years ago--no wonder Columbia Pictures is pushing so hard to get Ghostbusters 3 made.

I wish I had had the time to be there more, but nevertheless I appreciate the fine folks at Wizard for allowing the Shrine another press badge. I always swell with pride a little bit when I go to the Press Registration booth, slap down my business card, and say "Aquaman Shrine."


Wings1295 said...

Sounds fun! Never been to a con, of any kind. Have been thinking about it. There is a Rock-n-Shock con nearby in the Fall.

Russell said...

There is talk about trying to get together around the Baltimore Con on August 20-21. Rob can't make it to the Con itself but he lives about an hour away from Baltimore so we are trying to convince him to meet us somewhere in-between Balt and NJ. Anyone else up for a New England Meeting of the FOAM?!?