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Monday, May 30, 2011

DC Super Friends: Big Heroes!

Recently released is this new addition to the line of Little Golden Books, DC Super Friends: Big Heroes!

Written by Billy Wrecks and drawn by Friend of the Shrine Dan Schoening, Big Heroes! opens with the DC Super Friends saving the Earth from a meteor shower:
As the heroes are celebrated in Metropolis, there is one person not overjoyed: the villainous Lex Luthor, who is working on yet another fiendish invention: a shrink ray!

Lex zaps our heroes with his machine, reducing the Super Friends to tiny heroes!
Now that they're the size of ants, the Super Friends are threatened by all sorts of creatures, like a praying mantis, a spider, and a venus flytrap!

After Superman and Batman save The Flash from the jaws of the flytrap, a rainstorm hits, and the drops carry Aquaman and Green Lantern away!
The Super Friends head back into Metropolis to go after Lex Luthor. They find him, sitting on a throne, lording over his new role as King of Metropolis.

Superman zaps a hornet's nest dangling from a nearby tree, dropping it into Lex's lap. And while Lex isn't looking, The Flash climbs up Lex's shrink ray, and reverses it, returning the Super Friends to normal!
...The End!

Big Heroes! is a very cute story, and is wonderfully drawn by Dan Schoening. He captures the DC Super Friends style but adds touches that makes it unique and a really pleasure to look at.

Even though the DCSF line has been pretty good to Aquaman, he isn't always included in all of the tie-in merchandise. So its great to see him here, alongside his fellow super pals!

Bonus: We have an interview with artist Dan Schoening coming up on the Shrine later today!


Russell said...

Must BUY!!!

Wings1295 said...

Great stuff! Future Aqua-fans are being born every minute now! :)

Russell said...

Bought! ;-)