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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Daily Planet - 2/7/77

Aquaman's battle with Starro in Adventure Comics #451 earned metaphoric above-the-fold placement for this February 7, 1977 edition of DC's Daily Planet feature.

There are a bunch of supervillains that Aquaman has fought but aren't really considered part of his Rogues Gallery the way Black Manta and Ocean Master are. Starro is one of those, and even though Geoff Johns is making a concentrated to boost the Sea King's bad guy roster (see: Siren), I'd love it if he could make Starro a recurring Aquaman villain.


Anthony said...

This must be the Aquaman-Starro battle that Starro was referring to in the early 80s "Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew" series---Starro notes to the Zoo Crew the aftermath of the fight was him being "blasted to bits," with him somehow falling into the Earth-C universe where he recuperated/started to try to conquer Earth-C.

(Of course, I'd imagine comic book writer Captain Carrot has no idea who or what an "Aquaman" is, being used to writing stories about Aqua*duck* instead :-p ).

Wings1295 said...

Seems almost like a perfect fit to be an Aqua-villain, I think.

JD said...

It's nice to see Aquaman got some promotion during the 70's, and Starro would make a good recurring nemesis.

aquaman said...

I actually own this cover art! It is an amazing piece that I truly treasure!