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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Aquaman Shrine Garage Sale!

As some of you know, The Aquaman Shrine's computer--the trusty iMac that has served me well for over a decade--finally went belly up earlier this week.

Not expecting it to happen so abruptly, I was left scrambling, trying to finish off some projects and keep my various blogs going without the ability to get to any of the material I use every day (luckily I had several weeks' worth of Shrine posts ready to post so it will never miss a day).

Anyway, later in the week I bought a new computer, and in addition to the cost of that, I am forced to buy some of my oldest programs over again--a very expensive proposition.

So to help defray the cost a little, I am putting some items from the Shrine's Vault up for sale on eBay:


...so if any of these items interest you, click the graphic and bid. And know by doing so you are helping keep the Aquaman Shrine going!


Wings1295 said...

Good luck, Rob!

Chip said...

Sorry to hear that, Rob. Good luck with the sale. Any Super Powers stuff you might want to part with? I know you didn't show any, but I had to ask. :-)

Anthony said...

Good luck with the sale. Maybe using some free/open source software might help save some money (depending on what programs you need)?

rob! said...

Joe--Thanks for your input!

Chip--I still have lots of boxes to look through, so there might be some SP-related stuff. There will be more auctions than just these!

Anthony--That's a good suggestion, and I thought about that, but I have assignments relating to my various art and book projects that need to be worked on immediately, and I don't have the time to try and learn a new program(s). I think I need to re-buy the ones I already know so I can hit the ground running.

JD said...

Sorry to hear about this, it's always worst case scenario when one has to start selling off prized memorabilia, my sincerest sympathies to you, rob! and good luck with the sale, I hope you make a bundle.

Russell said...

You know, if there was an original Rob Kelly art-piece of, say, Tina Louise in a green swimming suit, or of, say, Justin Hartley in an orange tank top, I think many of us would be willing to buy a copy of said artwork.

I'm just sayin'. :-)

rob! said...

Ah, but Russell--I'd need Photoshop to do that, and that's one of the program I need, which is why I'm doing this in the first place!

Diabolu Frank said...

Man, I'd never part with the Kevin Nowlan especially, but the two-part Gleason and the Maguire? Wow. Bucks should be made.

rob! said...

One of the things I've learned from doing the Shrine for almost five years is not to be so obsessed with collecting things.

I've found my joy comes from discovering these items, showing them off on the Shrine, and/or dealing with the artists, in the case of sketches.

But once that's all done, the actual physical possession of any given piece of Aqua-arcana loses a bit of its appeal. I now have so much Aquaman stuff I can't possibly display it all, unless some day I have a Xanadu-esque house. So while having all this stuff can be cool, a lot of it just sits in storage.

That said, I don't give up a lot of this stuff lightly. But this new set-up is a major expenditure, so I gotta do something to help chip away at it.

Chip said...

Would you like some display suggestions that would allow you to cram more into the same amount of space? I have some experience...