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Saturday, May 07, 2011

Aqua-Poll #9 Results!


We ended our ninth Aquaman Shrine poll on Wednesday, and here are the results:

Aquaman's classic Silver Age/Bronze Age logo took the early lead and never lost it, winning with over a quarter of the vote:

The two runner-ups was the 2004-2005 "modern" take on that classic logo, and a modified version of the "Aquawar" logo seen in/on Brightest Day:
The latter was my choice, actually--as much as I love the classic logo (and I do!), I thought that the Aquawar one, with its similar curve and type treatment, was an homage to that iconic logo, and would be a nice way to re-brand Aquaman for a new generation.

The only logo shown no love at all was the one from Entourage, either because it was never a "real" Aquaman logo, or people just didn't like it! Who's going to tell Turtle?

Thanks to everyone who voted!


Wings1295 said...

Much as I love the Silver Age one, and I voted for it, I can see them wanting something more "now", like the Aquawar logo changed up a bit.

David J. Cutler said...

My second least favorite Aquaman logo was the second most popular. Huh. Never would have guessed that.

Orin's dad said...

This was a difficult poll for me. The poll didn't ask which logo was my favorite; it asked which one should head the new Aquaman series.
The Silver/Bronze age logo is my favorite, but I voted for the Aquawar logo, simply because I thought it might resonate better with newer readers looking to try out a new series.

Anonymous said...

Why am in not surprised at who the winner is