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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Aqua-Crossword #1


1. Member of The Awesome Threesome.
3. Quickly dispatched 1992 villain.
6. Aquaman's Arch Foe.
8. "_____ Flying Fish."
9. Member of The Awesome Threesome.
10. Helmeted Foe.
12. Mainly a Flash villain.
14. Green Lantern villain but perfect for Aquaman!
16. Obscure pirate villain "_______ Charlie."
17. Killed Aquagirl.
18. Immortal loudmouth.
19. Parched Baddie.
20. Steals Aquaman merchandising "thunder."

2. Arthur's Brother.

4. Fought Aquaman solo and with the JLA.

5. Would-be world conqueror who fought Aquaman and Batman.

7. Golden Age Pirate.

11. Turned Aquaman into a Rightie.

13. Evil, hulking Aquaman duplicate.

15. Member of
The Awesome Threesome with very familiar name.


Wings1295 said...

So cool!

Only one I can't get is #5 down!

Russell said...

I'd like to help you out but I don't want to ssspoil it for anybody elssse.

Wings1295 said...

Ack... Just cannot figure it out!

rob! said...

Well played, Russell, well played. You can be such a snake sometimes!

Solution will appear next Sunday, along with (fingers crossed) a new puzzle!

Josepph Brian Scott said...

3 across is the stumper for me; I have no idea what I was doing in 1992, much less Aquaman. Guess I'll go peruse the GCD for whatever "Aquaman" title was happening then. Good work on the puzzle, rob!

rob! said...


You don't need to go to the GCBD, you can do all your research on the Shrine! All Aquaman titles have labels on the sidebar.

Thanks for the kind words. There'll be more!

John said...

The only one I could not get was #12 Across, Flash villian. Had to recite Flash baddies out loud to myself until I finally figured it out.

BTW, very embarrassing to do while in one's cubicle at work. I recommend whispering.

r duncan said...

Hate to be a stickler, but don't you mean Awesome Threesome instead of Terrible Trio? I only bring it up because that is was a favorite of mine and I don't remember them ever being referred to that way.

rob! said...

John--Sorry if the Shrine causes you any undue stress and/or lack of promotion at work.

Rick--Oh jeez, you're right. I've made that mistake on the Shrine before, but I can't seem to shake it. Duly corrected!

The Irredeemable Shag said...

Rob - This super cool! Love the crossword puzzle idea!

Have you ever tried the Eclipse Crossword puzzle builder free software (from Green Eclipse)? It's really easy to use and you can embed a working crossword puzzle into your webpage. Meaning people can actually type in their answers and the system will tell them if they are correct or not. Neat stuff.

Again, love the crossword puzzle idea!

The Irredeemable Shag