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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Aqua-Crossword #1 Answers


1. Member of The Awesome Threesome. Torpedo
3. Quickly dispatched 1992 villain. Queequeg
6. Aquaman's Arch Foe. Black Manta
8. "_____ Flying Fish." Human
9. Member of The Awesome Threesome. Claw
10. Helmeted Foe. Fisherman
12. Mainly a Flash villain. Weather Wizard
14. Green Lantern villain but perfect for Aquaman! Shark
16. Obscure pirate villain "_______ Charlie." Cutlass
17. Killed Aquagirl. Chemo
18. Immortal loudmouth. (Vandal) Savage
19. Parched Baddie. Thirst
20. Steals Aquaman merchandising "thunder." Shazam

2. Arthur's Brother.
Ocean Master
4. Fought Aquaman solo and with the JLA. Starro
5. Would-be world conqueror who fought Aquaman and Batman. Kobra
7. Golden Age Pirate. Blackjack
11. Turned Aquaman into a Rightie. Charybdis
13. Evil, hulking Aquaman duplicate.
15. Member of The Awesome Threesome with very familiar name. Magneto

These are the answers to the first Aquaman Shrine Crossword, posted two weeks ago.

I had planned to put these up last Sunday, along with a new puzzle, but my computer dying on me knocked me off schedule for a bit. For those interested, there will be more Aqua-Crosswords coming soon!


Wings1295 said...

Gah! Was missing one and had two others wrong!

Much fun, though, Rob! Loved trying to find the answers!

Joseph Brian Scott said...

Ha ha, Queequeg! That's the one I was missing. Sounds like a character that would have been invented on the spot for an old issue of JLA. Much fun! (Maybe even More Fun.)