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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The World's Greatest Superheroes!

...and so ends The World's Greatest Superheroes!

Well, for the Shrine, that is: the WGSH newspaper strip did keep going, but the second storyline did not feature Aquaman at all. Eventually, the strip would be renamed The World's Greatest Superheroes Presents Superman, and only Batman, Wonder Woman, and the Flash would show up to help the Man of Steel.

And while I was comfortable running this initial continuity on the Shrine even though Aquaman, at times, plays a humiliating role in it, I felt to keep going was a bit beyond the site's purview, so we're wrapping it up here.

I had no idea whether this would be a popular feature, but the constant comments on every single strip (even if they were, often as not, sarcastically critical, sometimes hysterically so) told me that it was a hit. Special thanks goes to F.O.A.M.er Jon Helfenstein who helped me dig up every single strip.


JasonMotesBowles said...

Good stuff! Thanks, rob! It was just neat to see this strip, which I'd been aware of for some time, but had never gotten to read. Guess I wasn't missing much, ha ha! I find it odd that in a lot of the promotional material, characters like Black Canary and Green Arrow were shown, yet they never appeared.

JD said...

Ha! Suspended Animation Helmet, never heard of that one before. And again, WW honestly can't be successfully hypnotized except for in this strip. This was good for some laughs but it was just shocking how everyone but Supes got almost constantly degraded. ;\

Can't wait to see what the new feature will be. :)

Aaron said...

Perhaps they should have locked VS in a Limited Animation helmet. I believe Filmation Aquaman has access to one!

Joseph Brian Scott said...

Suspended animation helmet?! Good thing Di-Di had one with her; you have to pay extra for those on commercial flights.

My surfeit of snarkiness nothwithstanding, thanks so much for sharing this, rob! I really enjoyed it.

Wings1295 said...

What? She brought it with her? What else did she bring??? And did Batman prep her on being OVER-prepared for anything? Sheesh.

Wasn't the best time Aquaman has had, but it was fun to poke fun. I enjoyed it.

Thanks to Rob & Jon! Can't wait to see what's next!

Fleerfan said...

I'm glad everyone enjoyed the strips. It was fun tracking them down, as it was like traveling back in time to go through the papers to find each day's strip.

I'd initially only tracked down a portion of the story that I had passed along to Rob at the time we had worked on the 1960's Batman & Aquaman strips a few years ago, and then Rob let me know he was thinking about running the strip on a daily basis, so I was glad to help finish finding the rest of the strips so he could complete the story.

I'm glad Rob decided to do the daily feature as I enjoyed everyone's comments. They were definitely the highlight of the feature.

Rob! - Great job in presenting these strips! Glad I could contribute to your fantastic blog.

- Jon