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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The World's Greatest Superheroes!



Wings1295 said...

Sometimes I wonder if Silver Age writers understood what it actually meant to BREATHE underwater as opposed to being splashed with water.

Wings1295 said...

But, hey - Aquaman!

Anthony said...

IIRC, Silver Age Aquaman just had to make contact with water at some point, not be submerged in it; even being splashed by water, like seen here, was sufficient. (I recall a 60s story with Aquaman showing Aqualad how to survive on land away from water...).

That said, per the final panel: Cue the Popeye theme music? :-)

JD said...

Ha! That water bottle was MIGHTY convenient, LOL! At least we're getting real close to the main event. WW getting hypnotized still bugs me as she's impervious to even Dr. Psycho, yet here Vandal went all Bela Lugosi and it somehow worked. :\