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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Superheroes Margarine Ad - 1978

This is another item sent in by F.O.A.M.er Kyall Coulton, who in turn found it on the Superherois-br.com blog--an ad for DC Superhero brand margarine! Who would have guessed?

As you can see from the ad, most of the poses were taken from the promo art for the World's Greatest Superheroes newspaper strip, running at the time--those Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman shots are by George Tuska. Since Aquaman didn't prominently appear in the strip's ads, they had to dig up the classic stock art shot to fill the space.

Another thing you can see from the ad is...Aquaman got his own tub o' greasy margarine! That means somewhere out there is an old, probably rancid, package of Aquaman margarine! I can't believe I'm excited about this!

I can't read the ad, but it seems to suggest that there are more styles than just the five pictured--can any of you bi-lingual Aqua-Fans help translate?

Great find Kyall, thanks!


Blopa said...

It says "Go collecting and enjoying. Now Creamy Delight has 25 different stamps with superheroes for you to collect."

Wings1295 said...

Always amazing when you come across yet another unknown, lost-to-time bit of Aquabilia! How cool. Let the hunt begin!

Doug said...

Hey mom, can you please pass the Aquaman margarine?

Blopa said...

Algae margarine? Sounds deliciously disgusting.