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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Smallville - "Prophecy" Preview

F.O.A.M.ers flooded the Shrine's inbox in regards to this, a preview for next week's episode of Smallville, titled "Prophecy", which debuted last night.

We see what looks like nothing less than a live-action Legion of Doom, featuring (upper right), what sure looks like...Black Manta!!

You can see the whole trailer here, and start adjusting to the idea we're going to see a live-action Black Manta. Pretty amazing stuff.

(This high-quality still was sent in by our newest F.O.A.M. member, Henry Rentas. Welcome to F.O.A.M. Henry!)


Brent said...

Based on last night's episode, it seemed like they were blowing what's left of their budget on special effects, costumes, new sets, etc. So as soon as I saw Manta I was giddy with the idea of seeing his eye blasters in action! Let's hope A.C. shows up as well!

BTW, anyone know who the evil archer is in the photo? Actually, the only ones I'm sure about are Manta, Capt. Cold, Solomon Grundy. And is that a wee Giganta?!?

aqua-buckeye said...

it seems the membership includes toyman(seen on the t.v. image and in the trailer),black manta,captain cold,solomon grundy(hopefully played by the wwe's great khali),giganta(or possibly a very fit roulette?),merlyn the archer from a previous episode or an all-black clock king based on his face mask(possibly a minutehand arrow in a back quiver?),and some guy down in front just visable enough to tick me off!!!who is that dude? i'm guessing they chose a foe from each of the jla heroes on the show. maybe professor hugo for the martian manhunter? someone for supergirl to fight perhaps? i don't think any are from darkseid's elite.

David J. Cutler said...

I imagine this scene is just some brief vision of the future. I'll be very surprised if Manta, Cold, etc do anything other than sit there in half shadow.

Brent said...

Unfortunately David was right... :(