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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Random Panel of the Day #145



Joe Slab said...

As readers of the Shrine's twitter feed are aware, Aquaman and Swamp Thing have already worked together and are obviously suffering from some White Lantern induced amnesia!

CoryB said...

I'm not sure how to hide spoilers, but here's the details (try not to read if you don't want to know - sorry I can't do much more than that).

The Swamp Thing that has returned is not the one that knew Aquaman. That Swamp Thing (the original) has been taken over by Nekron, which is a bad thing, so the White Lantern (the good guy) has resurrected Alec Holland to become the new Swamp Thing.

Instead of making this even more confusing, here's a link to an article that can explain it much better:


So, the "new" Swamp Thing has never met the other DC heroes.

Blopa said...

I thought continuity was meant to be confusing.

JD said...

Yeah, Johns is bringing back the Alec IS Swamp Thing status quo from the 70's which Alan Moore had abandoned during his 80's revamp of Swamp Thing. So, Alec hasn't really met any of these guys yet. And yes, this is all more than a little hard to keep track of! ;)

CoryB said...

That's what makes it so fun :)

Blopa said...

In the end, it just makes it boring. And it sure ain´t coming cheap.