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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Aqua-Poll!

Based on a suggestion by F.O.A.M.er Joe Mello, today we're launching a new poll on Aquaman's logos through the ages!

With a new series in the offing, the Shrine is wondering: what logo, of all the ones the Sea King has had over the last 70 years, should be used for the new book? Or should a new one be commissioned?

In the interest of trying not to leave anyone's favorite out, this poll will feature a lot more choices to vote for. Other than one or two logos that were used only once, almost every ongoing Aquaman logo is here:
(Golden Age)

(Silver Age)

(Silver/Bronze Age)

(1986 mini)

(1989 mini)

(1991 series)





(TV Pilot)

(Entourage version)

(Modified Brightest Day version)



Brandan E said...

I wanted to vote for the James Cameron Entourage version but I can't vote against the 94-99 version.

Aquaman325 said...

94-2000 Its whats Tattooed on my arm, there is no other choice!!

Rock Roche said...

I like the one used during '04-'05 but the new one in Brighest Day could work...

David J. Cutler said...

Golden Age version aside, I kinda love them all.

Douglas said...

Definitely the Bronze Age logo.

JD said...

So hard to choose just one, but the Silver\Bronze and 1986 logos are my faves.

BronzeTiger said...

Its a tight race for me between teh aquawar logo and the classic silver/bronze age.

Wings1295 said...

I like the 1989 mini series logo, but I chose the Silver/Bronze Age logo. Just think it is classic and fits the character. Maybe one that is based off this but with a more polished look would fit the new series well.

Wings1295 said...

And thanks for taking my little suggestion and making it into a full-fledged poll! :)

rob! said...

I know a good suggestion when I read one, Joe!

Anthony said...

I voted Silver/Bronze Age, though the 1986 mini logo looks good too...

Michael Jones said...

I too love them all, but I'm going with the one with coolest Q and that would be the 86 mini.

Russell said...

Since Rob didn't feel the need to feature the one-time only logo from JLA 112 (JK!), and although I agree they are all pretty good (with one or two clinkers, but I won't name names) I'm going with the 2004-2005 neo-Silver/Bronze look. It's new AND old. Can't beat that.

rob! said...

Since Rob didn't feel the need to feature the one-time only logo from JLA 112

There's always a complainer...

The Irredeemable Shag said...

Personally I love the Silver/Bronze Age logo, but I think it looks to goofy for a modern ongoing series.

I've always loved the 1986 mini-series logo, it screams regal and water-based. Love it! Possibly my all-time favorite!

The 2004-2005 logo represents a fantastic run of Aquaman with a fairly modern looking logo.

Ultimately I chose the Aquawar logo. Given the profile-raising efforts of Brightest Day, I think you gotta incorporate the new "A" symbol into a new logo.

Great idea for a poll, and a great walk down memory lane!


The Irredeemable Shag

Blopa said...

The Irredeemable Shag basically said it. The Q belongs to 1986, and the A to the Aquawar, but 2004-2005 sure works for me. We´ll have to wait and see I guess...

Joseph Brian Scott said...

Toughie ... the silver and silver/bronze age logos make the nostalgic little kid part of me thrill with excitement, but yeah, they're a little cartoony. And the '86 mini certainly has a lot going for it w/ the watery swoosh! But I guess I'm going to have be in the minority (again!) and vote for the '89 mini. I just really like how confident and jaunty it is, with all its pointiness straining upwards for adventure! And I love the green, too.

Unknown said...

I think the logo makes the most sense when the "A" in Aquaman matches the "A" on his belt. Thus I went for the modified Brightest Day version.

Brent said...

As a maker of logos myself, I am loving this poll. And I of course have my 2 cents to give...

The smartest solution would be an update of the Silver/Bronze logo. It's arguably the most iconic, but could use some modernization. 1994-1999 is my second favorite, but it's not as distinctive as the Silver/Bronze.

1986 mini logo is my favorite execution of the logo, in that it's the most thought out and "prettiest." But that's why it won't work for our kick-ass sea king!

2004-2005 is my least favorite of the bunch. I get they were going for something more aggressive, but it ends up being messy and uncomfortable to look at. Kind of like calligraphy in all caps.

I'll admit the Entourage version is pretty cool. But I don't think Aquaman would approve of his logo being made up of fishhooks! :)