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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Aquaman (Vol.7) #10 - Nov. 2003

Comics Weekend "Moon River" by Rick Veitch, Yvel Guichet, and Mark Propst.

Aquaman, as he plummets down the gullet of the giant Rainbow Serpent:
The Thirst has his two zombie-fied river sisters dig into the ground, where awaits a tunnel to the next goddess he has set his sights on. Aquaman follows, until he finds The River of Dreams, a place of Atlantean legend.

As Brynchilde and Grymchilde follow along the river's edge, Aquaman dives in, emerging a few miles down to find The Thirst ready to fill his up from the very life force of the Moon River Goddess.

Aquaman tackles The Thirst, spilling the cup, which our thirsty bad guy only cares about getting back:
As Aquaman fights off his zombie attackers, The Thirst drinks from the Moon River Goddess, capturing her spirit and body. He then commands everyone out of the Rainbow Serpent, carelessly casting Aquaman onto the desert floor.

Meanwhile, back in Atlantis, its new leader Hagen suspects there's a conspiracy afoot when his men find one of his ruling council dead. Vulko agrees to look into it, but soon we he that he himself is behind it: with the help of the mystical creation from a few issues earlier, he has been taking out members of Hagen's crew.

One of Hagen's military strongmen, named Grynt, has followed Vulko, and wonders who he was talking to, but cannot see anyone else. Vulko pleads innocence, and Grynt leaves, suspiciously. Turns out the being in question was invisible for the last few minutes, courtesy of:
Oh man, Mera's not going to like this! To be continued!

Be back in two weeks when we wrap up our look at Rick Veitch's run on Aquaman with #s 11 and 12!


Wings1295 said...

Did they ever address why Manta and Aquaman went back to their mutual hate of each other? Seems like, after these issues, it should have been mentioned, at least.

David J. Cutler said...

Manta was just faking being reformed all along, wasn't he?

Anonymous said...

Ive said it once and ill say it again, THIS here is the WORST aquaman arc ever. It was endless, pointless and really not well thought out. This guy was NOT Aquaman.

JD said...

The first 4 issues of this volume by Veitch showed a lot of promise and potential, well to me anyway, but once this Thirst arc started it went downhill fast. Although, I really liked, and am still interested in, the idea of Manta and Aquaman (and\or Mera for that matter) being forced to team up out of necessity. I wish another writer would follow up on that.

misterperturbed said...

Too bad DC Direct didn't release the Waterbearer Aquaman action figure years ago and did the orange shirt instead in that JLA series.

Joseph Brian Scott said...

I think this storyline would have been better suited to an Aquaman / Swamp Thing team-up than just Arty "alone."