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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Aquaman Logos, Pt. 2

Almost two years ago, the Shrine ran a post highlighting all of Aquaman's various logos throughout his almost-seventy years(!) in comics.

I thought I had covered every single iteration of the Aquaman logo, but of course I managed to miss one or two. F.O.A.M.er extraordinaire Russell Burbage reminded me of this one, which appeared in Justice League of America #112:
In this story, the various JLAers split up into teams (of course they do!) and each chapter starts off with the logos of the individual heroes. Why this new logo was created--only to never be seen again--instead of his classic one, I have no idea. Maybe somebody in DC Production spilled coffee on the original logo's stat and they had to cobble something together at the last minute.

The other logo I didn't so much forget but decided not to include the first time around, because its not an "official" DC-created Aquaman logo. Nonetheless:
Even though this logo was only used in connection with the show Entourage, in many ways its probably been seen by more people than any other Aquaman logo, except maybe the classic one. It was seen on the show, and in a real-life ad in Variety, which means lots of people saw it.

As logos go, its kinda cool, if a little cold and mean-looking. Which means its totally plausible as something a movie studio would come up with for an Aquaman movie.

With a new Aquaman series in the offing, its worth wondering whether we'll be treated to a new Aquaman logo. Almost every new Aquaman title has had one, and I could see a variation of the "Aquawar" logo used in Brightest Day:
...I guess we'll find out soon enough!


Wings1295 said...

Good additions. Maybe you could run a poll on which logo F.O.A.M.ers would like on the new series?

Wings1295 said...

You know, if you're not busy. ;)

Earth 2 Chris said...

I think Dick Dillin liked to draw logos. If you look at those old great JLA issues he drew, often times he drew the logos himself. Usually they were based on the character's existing logo, but he varied them a bit. For instance with Batman he'd leave Batman's face out of the bat-shape.

So maybe he just decided to draw a new one for Aquaman. I don't think he liked to leave anything for the production dept. to do. :-)


rob! said...

Joe--I like that idea, actually!

Chris--I think you're right. When I interviewed Frank McLaughlin for JLA Satellite, he mentioned that DD would always draw in the JLA logo even though DC would drop a stat over it when the pages were sent in.

Russell said...

Yeah, mentioned on the Shrine again. I love it when that happens. :-)