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Friday, April 08, 2011

Aqua-Jewelry by Trinity Electric Lady

These imaginative pieces of custom Aqua-Jewelery are the work of the F.O.A.M. member known as Trinity Electric Lady, whose work appeared on the Shrine before, in the form of a super-cool Filmation Aquaman Lamp.

Trinity's work focuses on being eco-friendly in that it recycles stuff you wouldn't normally think of in terms of jewelry, as the above pics will attest. You can check out all her hand-made items at her Etsy shop.

Great stuff Trinity, thanks!


Tempest127 said...

Ummm...cool. I'm glad that someone is thinking about Aqua-jewelry. I used to haunt the Warner Bros. store to buy up their DC Comics related jewelry. The two things I could never find were the Aquaman and Wonder Woman pendants made by Robert Lee Morris when he held the license. (I grabbed all of his Batman stuff, though--nice)!

JD said...

These are fun and full of personality (literally)! I especially like the emotional phases of Mera necklace. It's really great that Trinity has a sense of humor about her work.

Wings1295 said...

Fun stuff! I can totally see Mera wearing the one with the two red seahorses!

Trinity Electric Lady said...

Thanks so much Rob for adding these! Thanks for the positive comments as well. I really love comics and I have the best time making the Comics Jewelry. I just couldn't stand seeing these collecting dust and being forgotten. They were on their way to a Landfill for sure and Aquaman definitely would not have approved of that :) I feel like a preservationist!