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Friday, April 01, 2011

Adventures of the AquaHoodie - Curtis Smith

Speaking of F.O.A.M.er Curtis Smith, here he is rocking an Aqua-Hoodie in front of his Aqua-Collection. Curtis was even kind enough to take some "action shots" with him and the collection:

...I feel like these are heretofore unseen View-Master slides. I'd love to see more adventures of Aquaman, Black Manta, and the Undersea Diving Helmet!

Cool stuff, thanks Curtis!


David J. Cutler said...

A mint on card Aquashrine! I don't have the fortitude to keep anything of mine in the box.

JD said...

Where have people been able to find these Aquaman hoodies? I've only seen them online. Also, very jealous of how neat and organized everything is.

rob! said...

David--I go back and forth. If its something kinda fun to place around the studio (the faux-Mego line) then I take 'em out of the package.

But if its something that has no discernible use (Blammoid Aquaman) then I tend to leave it in the package.

Wings1295 said...

Awesome collection and great display! BTW, I have most of my stuff opened.

David J. Cutler said...

JD--You can buy 'em online, I don't think stores carry them.

rob!--I unbox absolutely everything. No willpower.

Sirhiss9 said...

It all started when I bought the Aquaman Waterglobe on Ebay, cuz I wanted to put it in my fish tank. I wasn't even reading comics at the time. As soon as I got it I realized I couldn't put it in the tank cause of the metal base. Then I tried the TIM BRUCKNER
piece, which was a no go. Then I found the 2003 Waterbearer book. And then...And Then...And then...

JD said...

HA! That's really funny, Curtis, it's bizarre how collecting stuff gets started, isn't it? It always starts sort of by accident followed by lots of "and then" :)

Saranga said...

the more I see these hoodies the more I wish they came in women's sizes. :(