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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Adventure Comics #115 - April 1947

Comics Weekend "The Phantom Fleet!" by Don Cameron and Louis Cazeneuve.

It's Adventure Sunday!
Aquaman gets involved in a bit of Naval history:


A swordfish comes by and saws Aquaman free. He then finds the hull of another sunken ship, the Cumberland. He grabs some old uniforms and then asks two whale pals to swim beneath the ship, raising it to the surface:
...and so ends another adventure with Aquaman!

I wonder if any of Black Jack's men ever considered taking their boss aside and suggesting maybe, just maybe, the next time they have Aquaman trussed up, they should just shoot him and instead of dumping him--a guy named Aquaman--back into the water? Maybe pirate work was hard to come by at this point, so henchmen were just glad to have a gig.

I like the little blurb in the last panel, makes the story feel like it has more of a true ending. Aquaman deserved a catch phrase!


JD said...

Having never read comics from this golden age period, I'm really surprised to see poor Doris get whacked in the head and left to drown. Way harsh! I guess I incorrectly expected golden age comics to be more "kiddie-fied," and not somewhat gritty like this.

Anthony said...

Interesting to be reminded of how the Civil War was less than 100 years removed from this story's setting (yet the large number of societal changes, technology, etc., between the 1860s and 1940s)...

Yeah, a lot of Golden Age DC anthology comics featured such blurbs at the end of their stories. My copy of the Superboy Archive (which has the Superboy story shown on this issue's cover; if curious, the story's a jungle-themed adventure, thus the cover) doesn't give Superboy as catchy a story-ending catchphrase as the one Aquaman got here (just a generic "another thrilling adventure of Superman when he was a boy in the next issue of Adventure Comics"). :-p