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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Smallville "Arthur Curry" Trading Card

Father and daughter F.O.A.M.ers Chris and Becca Chance were nice enough to send me this Smallville trading card a few weeks ago, featuring an actual autograph by Alan "Arthur Curry" Ritchson!

I haven't heard anything, but I hope the show finds some way of working Arthur Curry (and Mera, maybe) in one more time before it goes off the air. Smallville really helped increase the character's outside-of-comics notoriety and it'd be cool to give him one last hurrah.

Thanks for the card Chris and Becca!


David J. Cutler said...

I'm hoping we get to see the five from the Justice League episode together one last time along with Mera, Canary, Star Girl and Zatanna, but that's probably too much to ask. Cool find!

Wings1295 said...

Would be cool. But seems unlikely, wouldn't we have heard some scuttlebutt by now?

Cool card, btw.

JD said...

The live action Aquaman pilot was fun, I wish they would have given it a chance as a series. Anyway, congrats on getting the rare card!