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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Operation USA

We've all seen the horrendous news coming from Japan; watching those giant waves of water just sweep away everything in its path can't help but make any Aqua-Fan think, in some minute way, how we could really use an actual King of the Seven Seas right now.

If you're so inclined, you can make a donation to Operation USA which will go to relief efforts. Click the graphic to go to their site to learn more about what they do and how they do it.

Update: BTW, the Shrine will be doing an auction for some very cool Aqua-art in an effort to raise money for Operation USA's efforts in Japan. Watch for further announcements!


Brent said...

Thanks for doing this Rob.

Michael Jones said...


Thanks Aquaman and Rob Kelly.

(I've created a name for you in Kanji, Rob.
So: Part of an oar brings you auspicious profit! (I've fudged a bit here.)

Simone said...

This is a beautiful idea.

aqua buckeye said...

this is aqua buckeye who won your atlantis contest about a month ago.i'm a shut-in so i was really looking forward to reading an aqua-comic(for me it's been about 20 years).most of my comic collection was ruined in a flood several years ago.well anyway,i've tried to send you my e-mail address several times but it won't go thru(i'm not very tech savy).maybe you should just donate the comic book prize to your aquaman auction for japan.it might do some good for them in the end.i hope you let us know what all of the items end up going for to ease our curious minds.nice idea by the way.

rob! said...


I was wondering why I didn't hear from you. Can't understand why any email to me would get bounced back.

Tell you what: leave me your mailing address here in the comments. I am notified immediately when there's a new comment so once you do that, I'll grab your address and then delete the comment so it remains private.

You deserve the prize, so please try this!