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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Operation USA Original Art Auction FINAL!

We have concluded the Aquaman Shrine's Original Art Auction!

The final bidder for the original pencil art piece was F.O.A.M.er Mac Schafer, with a winning bid of $42.77!

The final bidder for the original inked piece was F.O.A.M.er Craig McGinnes, with a winning bid of $60.00!

That brought the total brought in to $102.77, and with the Shrine rounding up, we made a donation to Operation USA's Japan Relief Efforts of $110.00:


Since both Mac and Craig were already F.O.A.M.ers, they can't be inducted because of their donations. But Craig McGinnes is hereby awarded The Aquaman Shrine Special Citation of Merit:
Mac already has one of these, too, so he will be getting a "Grape Job!" sticker in the mail, as promised.

As a bonus, Mac & Craig will also be receiving a copy of Aquaman: Deepwater Disaster book, provided by the generous folks at Capstone Books!

Before we go, we can't forget artist Dan Schoening, whose generosity made this whole auction possible! For providing the two pieces of artwork, Dan is hereby inducted into F.O.A.M. and awarded the Citation:
Thanks to Dan, Mac, and Craig, and everyone who submitted a bid, they were very much appreciated. You all helped us get to the final donation!


Wings1295 said...

Great donation, great auctions! Kudos to all who were involved!

Doug said...

Dan Schoening is THE man!

Michael Jones said...

Thanks so much for doing this. It means a lot.

Webmaster said...
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Craig M said...

Very happy with this outcome! Outrageous! Thanks to the Shrine!