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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Justice League by Bob Strang

This awwwwwesome shot of the Justice League is by artist Bob Strang, whose work I discovered over on the It's A Dan's World blog.

Strang's work is completely charming, colorful and vibrant. And while he's not front and center, Aquaman is pictured alongside his JLA pals:
If I ran DC (*sigh*), I would hire this guy to do a Johnny DC book in a heartbeat. Either that, or have him do character designs for animated movie: that would look amazing.

Check out more of his work at his Deviant Art page, and thanks to F.O.A.M.er Dan Woodward for alerting me to Bob's work!


Joseph Brian Scott said...


Wings1295 said...

Very nice!

Joe Slab said...

Very cool. Love the details!

Brent said...

Very cool stuff! I love the variation of body shapes.

JD said...

Since my earlier comment was unceremoniously deleted for no good reason other than I disliked this art "style," here I go again. I find this "art" not enjoyable to look at as it is too angular and extremely disproportionate in the body shapes. Also, Aquaman is placed too far in the background as is Batman and both should have more prominent placement in such a meant to be iconic Justice League image.

Russell said...

I like it! I don't think I'd buy it and put it on my wall, but it has a certain appeal. :-) Much nicer than a lot of other manga-esque grotesquities (is that a word?) I've seen around. The colors and forms really pop out at you. Loved The Avengers Playing Poker one I saw on the website, too.