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Thursday, March 10, 2011

DC Special #28 Ad - 1977

This house ad for DC Special #28: Earth Shattering Disasters has been sitting in my "To Post" file for, literally, years. I found it after I had already done a post about the book itself; I kept planning to post it on the next March 10th but kept forgetting--but not this time!

Its a great ad, excellently designed and exciting, and that logo is aces!


Russell said...

how about some comment about this Jim Aparo work that actually was NOT used for the book itself!? Do you suppose somebody decided that it wasn't dramatic enough, so they had Al Milgrom "re-do" it? I've always wondered what the story of this art was...!

rob! said...

Russell--Yeah, I should have mentioned that! I wonder why DC did that?

Michael Jones said...

Rather apropos for Japan right now, isn't it?
If you can put a shout out to the Aqua-assembled to do what they can for us. I'm okay but thousands aren't.