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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Custom Aquaman and Mera Pez

From the always-inventive F.O.A.M. family The Schafers come these custom-made Aquaman and Mera Pez dispensers!

Aquaman was formerly Anakin Skywalker ("The sand...it gets in everything...") and Mera was made from a Little Mermaid Ariel. Apply some green, orange, and tan paint, plus a little yellow felt, and...bam! The King and Queen of Atlantis!

As always, awesome work Schafer Family. Thanks!


Wings1295 said...

Quite awesome, indeed!

Siskoid said...

They're Pezeriffic!

chunky B said...

Those are simply the coolest PEZ I have seen!

JD said...

WOW! Nice custom work, very professional looking. I thought those were actual on the market items when I first saw them!

Simone said...

They look phenomenal! :D

My only complaint is that Aquaman's eyebrows aren't black.

JD said...

I really like that his eyebrows are blonde\yellow. I realize that in the comics it's just easier to draw every character's eyebrows (or chest hair, etc.) as black even when fair-haired characters like Aquaman should technically have similarly light colored eyebrows (or chest hair, etc). Just sayin'... ;)