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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Captain Action Ad - 1968

Captain Action, mint in box, for only 99 cents! Aaaaarrgggghhhh!

If I ever get a hold of a time machine, I'm going to make quite a spectacle of myself, a grown man buying as many Captain Action Aquaman sets as I can carry.


Earth 2 Chris said...

WOW. Just wow. And they list Green Hornet too, which is one of the harder CA sets to get mint (Spidey being first).

I'd have bought the entire store stock at that price.


wich2 said...

Well, it won't be at that price point -

But The Good Captain is having a righteous rebirth!



Neal P said...

I remember Captain Action stuff lingering at my local Two Guys store until as late as 1972 (the Green Hornet costumes never moved.) I wanted all of it, but I wanted other stuff too, so I had to nag the parents judiciously. At the time, I only got one Captain Action, the Batman suit, and the Captain America suit. Sorry Rob, no Aquaman back then, but I do own one now.

IADW said...

Look at those heroes! Phantom, Aquaman, Cap - sure was a different time for Pulp back then!

Ed Catto said...

Yes..but you can get it on ebay right now for just $1,300!