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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Aquaman (Vol.7) #6 - July 2003

Comics Weekend "Many Rivers To Cross" by Rick Veitch, Sal Velluto, and Bob Almond.

Back at the Mizen Head Lighthouse:
Aquaman and Tempest take this mystical bridge in the hopes it will lead them to The Thirst. As they attempt to cross, they are stopped by an ogre-ish being named Modg.

Modg demands some sort of payment for them to cross, but its not gold or silver: he demands to know what moment in their lives are each of them the most embarrassed or regretful over. Aquaman admits that when he assumed a god-like form (in "Obsidian Age"), a part of him actually enjoyed the retribution he visited upon the heads of his subjects.

Modg makes some dire predictions (but he kind of talks like Yoda, so its confusing) about their mission, but lets Aquaman and Tempest pass. Meanwhile, back at Mizen Head, Sweeney and McCaffrey are visited by another member of the superhero contingent: Superman!

Supes is looking for Aquaman, and is more than mildly annoyed to learn he and Tempest have used magic to go on their mission. It's always magic--magic or Kryptonite!

Anyway, back on the bridge:
The Thirst continues to "sail" his ship looking for The Lady of the Lake. As the ship passes through a waterfall, they are attacked by a band of water sprites, sent by her. The Thirst commands his army of the dead to fight them, which they do with relish.

While the battle rages, The Thirst walks the proverbial plank and comes face to face the Lady, looking to have her join him in a drink. Moments later, Aquaman and Tempest come across The Thirst's ship, and see that the water sprites have been mostly slaughtered.

Aquaman's water hand begins to throb with pain, and The Thirst rejoins his ship, he sees his hand begin to come apart, a finger at a time! Tempest tries to use his powers to stop The Thirst as he sails away, but it doesn't work.

As they try and figure out what's happening, Arthur's old friend catches up with them:
...to be continued!

Still a little wobbly as to the rules of this universe (in comics, when something doesn't make sense, its always chocked up to sorcery), but I didn't let that bother me too much reading these issues. Aquaman and Tempest have a good rapport that Veitch pulls off well, and Superman's light-hearted appearance is fun, too.

Be back in two weeks for Aquaman #s 7 and 8!

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Joe Slab said...

Thanks for the review rob! Sal Velluto does some great pencils in this issue...great coloring as well.

I wouldn't mind this team on a future Aquaman project.