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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Give-A-Show Projector Package - 1965

I saw this package of Give-A-Show Projector strips for sale on eBay, and even though it features an Aquaman strip I've never seen before, the price was just too high to justify getting it--maybe if the Sea King had been on the package instead of Superman, I would have.

I really miss these kinds of old-school packages, when you could mix up different properties like this: Superman, Popeye, Rocky & Bullwinkle, Captain Kangaroo, Lassie, and Bozo the Clown! I think that era's gone forever...


IADW said...

Oh wow that just looks all kinds of awesome - like I wanna did my view-master out! And Captain Kangaroo? Now that is a flashback!

Jon K said...

Rob, I've featured that Aquaman slide on my Give-A-Show blog... You can see it here: http://giveashow.blogspot.com/2009/02/kenner-1968-red-slide-16-aquaman.html -- of course, the others can be found there, too!